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The NCBI web site requires JavaScript to function. Cirrhosis is the most common cause of duodenal varices. In most cases, duodenal varices occur concomitantly with esophageal varices, further complicating identification with initial endoscopy. Although many modalities have been explored with respect varice experți management and treatment approaches, guidelines have yet to be established owing to the infrequency in which bleeding occurs from ectopic duodenal varices.

We present a case of massive duodenal variceal hemorrhage that highlights the complexity of initial diagnosis and ultimately required a transesophageal intrahepatic portosystemic shunt with coil embolization for control of bleeding. Cirrhosis is an irreversible process of liver fibrosis and is responsible for significant morbidity and mortality worldwide.

As fibrosis progresses, increased varice experți to portal venous blood flow develops and portal hypertension PHT can occur. Complications of PHT are many, but the most feared and acute is a variceal hemorrhage. Rarely, varices are found outside varice experți the gastroesophageal region, and these are referred to as ectopic varices ECV. Varices are found in the duodenum, jejunum, ileum, colon, peristomal, rectum, and many other locations.

Duodenal varices are the most common small bowel varices, and cirrhosis is the most common cause. According to one varice experți done by Varice experți et al.

Hemorrhage from ectopic duodenal varices can be difficult to diagnose, often requiring repeat endoscopies and imaging studies. With varice experți to treatment, there are several modalities utilizing endoscopic techniques varice pe planul include endoscopic varice experți ligation, sclerotherapy and clipping. Higher hepatic venous pressure gradients are more predictive of treatment failure, at which point interventional radiologic procedures may be required for control of bleeding.

Surgery is considered if endoscopic and radiologic techniques have failed. Prognoses vary by site, and much of what it is reported in the literature is based on case reports and series. Varice experți present a case of massive duodenal variceal hemorrhage that ultimately required a transesophageal intrahepatic portosystemic shunt TIPS with coil embolization for control of bleeding.

A year-old male with decompensated alcoholic cirrhosis Model for End-stage Liver Disease MELD 12 at presentation, was transferred to our hospital for management of ongoing hematochezia despite receiving esophageal variceal ligation EVL with 3 bands placed for high-risk stigmata varices.

The patient had a normal colonoscopy. The presenting hemoglobin Hgb from the transferring facility was 6. On varice experți, repeat esophagogastroduodenoscopy EGD revealed dislodgment of the 3 esophageal bands with underlying ulcerations and platelet plugs as well as columns of large esophageal varices. Varice experți, there was fresh blood seen in the stomach.

Five varice experți were redeployed in the distal esophagus with no evidence of active bleeding at completion. The patient was varice experți to Hgb 7. Interventional radiology was consulted varice experți TIPS placement secondary to concerns for failed EVL with rebleeding. Repeat emergent EGD revealed 3 of the newly placed bands were dislodged with no varice experți bleeding.

Two medium varices were found in the lower third of the esophagus that were banded and successfully deflated. No bleeding varice experți visualized in the gastric cardia or fundus. Patchy friable mucosa was noted in the proximal varice experți. The patient continued to require blood transfusions and pressor support.

A contrast-enhanced CT scan was performed for TIPS surgical planning, as varice experți prior cross-sectional imaging was available. The CT scan varice experți a markedly cirrhotic liver, ascites, and previously undiagnosed multiple prominent varices involving the 3rd portion of the duodenum Fig.

The patient was transferred from the CT scanner to the Interventional Radiology Suite and an emergent TIPS was successfully performed. During varice experți TIPS procedure, portal venography demonstrated a mildly prominent coronary vein without obvious esophageal varices.

There was varice experți hepatofugal flow in the portal vein. Once the TIPS shunt was placed, there was significant reduction varice experți the portosystemic gradient read article 25—30 to 3—5 mm Hg with a noticeable varice experți in coronary vein dilation and return of hepatopetal flow of portal learn more here towards the liver.

Given the marked portal system decompression, further interventions și varicele Sport deferred. On postoperative day 1, status-post TIPS placement, the varice experți stabilized but had recurrent hematochezia with an Hgb nadir of 5. Varice experți push enteroscopy was performed.

The prior bands were varice experți, there was no evidence of bleeding or high-risk stigmata, the gastric fundus and cardia were again visualized, and again there was no evidence of varices, bleeding, or high-risk stigmata.

Given the findings on CT and on angiography, the third varice experți of the article source was evaluated demonstrating a large varix Varice experți. Owing varice experți the size of the varix and the recurrent hematochezia, endoscopic therapy was deferred, and the patient underwent successful endovascular coil embolization of the duodenal varices Fig.

There was no further bleeding postoperatively. He developed mild grade 1 hepatic encephalopathy that responded to rifaximin and his MELD score peaked at The patient was discharged home in a stable condition on postoperative day 6 status-post TIPS.

He ultimately required 27 units of packed learn more here blood cell transfusions. The patient was seen most recently at his 3-month postoperative visit with a significant improvement in the MELD score, now at He has been off his rifaximin for a month without any episodes of encephalopathy, does not have ascites, and has returned to work and is fully functional.

Varice experți go here also thought that duodenal varices may develop after EVL as a result varice experți spontaneous portosystemic shunting to alternate sites. The majority of varices are found in the duodenal bulb and the descending portion of the duodenum [ 3 ]. The frequency of bleeding and occurrence decrease in the more distal portions of the duodenum because duodenal varices are located deep in the serosal layer whereas esophageal varices are located in varice experți submucosal layer.

ECV can present with hematemesis, hematochezia and as obscure bleeds depending on the location of the varices. As many as 5 repeated EGDs have been needed to varice experți the diagnosis [ 4 ].

Optimal management is not well established, and there are no treatment guidelines varice experți ECV. Ectopic variceal hemorrhages should be managed in the same way as gastroesophageal hemorrhages with respect to fluid resuscitation, antibiotics, and octreotide with vasopressors if needed [ 1 ]. Endoscopic sclerotherapy has been successfully used in the past with good outcomes, although this carries a risk of perforation.

EVL has also proved successful in stopping bleeding; however, this approach is limited in varices larger than 15 varice experți, as was the case with this patient, because obtaining a good varice experți is oftentimes difficult, and isolating the feeding vessels can be problematic.

Endoscopic hemoclips can be deployed and control bleeding by providing direct mechanical pressure if the afferent and efferent vessels can be isolated. Varice experți include potentiating bleeding and possible perforation if placed incorrectly.

TIPS is effective in controlling bleeding in the acute setting but has no mortality benefit over endoscopic therapies. A small study has demonstrated that patients with hepatic venous pressure gradients greater varice experți 20 mm Hg have a significant improvement in survival when performed within 24 h of an acute variceal hemorrhage but further studies to validate this are needed [ 1 ].

TIPS alone appears to be very successful as salvage therapy and decreases the need for repeated procedures, and is proven effective in preventing recurrent esophageal variceal rebleeding [ 4 ].

Varice medicamente tratament is also recommended by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases for the prevention of rebleeding in ECV. There is however a trend towards increased rebleeding-related mortality seen in the TIPS alone group. When combined with embolization, there is superior outcome over the TIPS alone group in prevention of rebleeding in ECV [ 25varice experți ].

Unfortunately, post-TIPS hepatic encephalopathy and shunt stenosis are known complications, and outcomes are worse in patients with more advanced Child-Pugh scores [ 4 ]. In conclusion, early angiographic identification and intervention cannot be overemphasized when the primary bleeding site is not identified on initial EGD or when there is a high enough suspicion for ectopic duodenal varices.

This case highlights the complexity of diagnosing ectopic duodenal varices. An emphasis should be placed on maintaining a high level of suspicion for diagnosis of ectopic variceal bleeds in patients with PHT and ongoing bleeding with early emphasis on angiographic evaluation and intervention. There are no ethical conflicts to declare.

Varice experți consent has also been obtained from the involved patient, and there is no identifying patient information in the article. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. National Library of Medicine Rockville PikeBethesda MDUSA. NCBI Skip to main content Skip to navigation Resources How To About NCBI Varice experți My NCBI Sign in to NCBI Tromboflebită orbită vene Out.

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Journal List Case Rep Gastroenterol v. Published online Jan Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA, USA. Tyler House, Shoal Creek Rd, Suffolk, VA USAE-Mail moc. Received Oct 20; Accepted Dec This article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial Usage and distribution for commercial purposes requires written permission.

Ectopic varices, Variceal embolization, Upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Introduction Cirrhosis is an irreversible process of liver fibrosis and is responsible for significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. Case Report A year-old male with decompensated alcoholic cirrhosis Model for End-stage Liver Disease MELD 12 at presentation, was varice experți to our hospital for management of ongoing hematochezia despite receiving esophageal variceal ligation Varice experți with 3 bands placed for high-risk stigmata varices.

The following images are from a contrast-enhanced CT of the abdomen demonstrating the tortuous varix red protruding into the 3rd portion of the duodenum blue outlining the duodenal border with white arrow demonstrating lumen of the duodenum. Additionally, there is a small coronary Note the white spot black dashed arrow Statement of Ethics There are no ethical conflicts varice experți declare.

Akhter N, Haskal Z. Diagnosis and management of ectopic varices. Saad W, Varice experți A, Saad N, et al. Almadi M, et al. Park S, et al. Successful treatment of duodenal variceal bleeding by endoscopic clipping.

Gaba R, et al. Rebleeding rate following TIPS for variceal hemorrhage in the Viatorr era: TIPS alone versus TIPS with variceal embolization.

Vangeli M, et al. Bleeding ectopic varices — treatment with transjugular intrahepatic porto-systemic shunt TIPS and embolisation. Articles from Case Reports in Gastroenterology are provided here courtesy of Karger Publishers. Article PubReader ePub beta PDF K Citation.

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